What Is Tungsten Scrap Used For?

Tungsten is an important type of metal, where even its scraps from materials are recycled and sold back to manufacturers. The reason is because, while tungsten is a material that provides great durability and resistance to heat and cold, mining tungsten can be a tough job for many manufacturers. So, it is totally possible for one to sell the tungsten they find.

The types of tungsten

There are three types of tungsten that can be recycled and sold as scraps. The first one is the hard tungsten scrap, which refers to scraps that are sold the way they were found. They are called hard in such a way that no ordinary person can bend or deform them. Only manufacturing processes that involve grinding can do it, through bigger and more advanced machines.

The second type is the soft tungsten, which are also scraps but those which can be bent and deformed. One can manipulate it in some way, without having an effect to its price. And lastly, we have the tungsten alloy, which are those not necessarily tungsten but contain properties of it, which is blurred in the process but still give the results the manufacturers need when making materials out of tungsten.

The uses

When you find a tungsten scrap, your first reaction might not be to keep and sell it off for the competitive price manufacturers are willing to pay for it. Another thing is that they are not as easy to find, although some older materials have tungsten, which you will still have to go through many things before getting the scrap itself.

There are many uses to tungsten scrap, which still has to do with its attributes. The first one is with regards to selling it. You might not be so interested to workshop activities or building materials that a tungsten in scraps might not the so helpful for your eyes. At least with this method, you can sell them for money effortlessly.

But if you are into making products and materials, too, then you can go for making heat resistant things, like shielding for certain materials that you can use during scorching summers. You can also attach it to bridges in materials to make up better materials.

Lastly, you can keep them and even use them for decorations. It might not be the best choice, but as long as you make something from it, then better.

Is It Possible To Repair A Welded Hydraulic Cylinder?

People easily opt to replace hydraulic cylinders when after functioning well for a couple of months, they start to fail in their performance. While replacing a hydraulic cylinder may seem a convenient choice, you might be overlooking some things, such as how sustainable you can keep them. Maybe they can be done through some troubleshooting you can do at home? Moreover, it can be very expensive to replace a hydraulic cylinder, so why not turn to another word, which is repairing your hydraulic cylinder?

When failure in performance shows

A hydraulic cylinder is no stranger to facing failures and needing repair. Especially when it comes to the few parts that easily become prone to failing, such as the barrel or the external container for all other parts; and the piston and piston rod, which is the one that makes up for the motion, the cap, head, and seals, they might need some stringent repair, but never necessarily replacement.

When it comes to repairing a hydraulic cylinder, you have to recognize that failure can take many forms. It can be one of the most common problems that occur, such as fluid contamination to parts that should not have it, or the piston bending or wearing out over time, which can massively affect the performance and well-being of the hydraulic cylinder.

Thinking about the costs

Of course, one has to consider a few things when deciding whether to replace the hydraulic cylinder entirely, or opting to repair it for the meantime. The concession is that in either way you take, you will have to spend. You will absolutely pay the repairman to fix your hydraulic cylinder, as much as you will but materials to fix your hydraulic cylinder.

Consider these things before repairing a hydraulic cylinder, the lifecycle, which shows whether repair would still be worth the move in the long term. Then there is also the problem itself, whether it is minor or major. And lastly, whether there is replacement, because the opposite might be the case.

The benefits

There are so many benefits that come with choosing to repair your hydraulic cylinder before taking any action to replace it. The first is that it builds independence, which means that you will not have to rely so much on directly repairing it. The second is that you do not spend so much, which is not sustainable in the long, long run.

Using The Right HVAC Controls Can Save A Company Big Money

The use of the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is essential, not only to protect the valuable equipment in a building, factory or warehouse, but to make the employees’ workplace comfortable. There is also the matter of health; HVAC systems safeguard employees from breathing in unfiltered air, which can be hazardous due to the equipment in the building. There are many elements to an HVAC system, but some of them don’t get enough credit for keeping the system up and running properly – the controls (e.g humidity and tremperature controllers).

What these controls are

HVAC controls are responsible for the monitoring, assessing, and adjusting of the HVAC system. So, in all aspects—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—it is the controls of the system that regulate what is correct and what is unhealthy for the people who use it inside the workplace. But not all HVAC systems are equal or the same. Some run automatically, while some do not. For those in the latter, they can always set the correct temperature they deem fit, or as suggested by the system.

Choosing the right controls

Another aspect to hvac controls is that one has to choose them appropriately. Especially with the kind of space they have, choosing the right controls plays a great part in a company’s success for a myriad of reasons.

Firstly, you get to ensure that your HVAC system is working for your interest. No one buys something for another reason aside from its use, right? The same goes for this product. If you want to get the correct and health temperature, or level of humidity or coldness, then you should make sure that you have the right controls working for those functions.

Secondly, you reduce the costs that would otherwise build up unnecessarily because of the wrong controls in the HVAC system. Since you want the product to run in the most optimal way possible, then at least the cost you would incur if that was the case is justified. If you feel so uncomfortable while working with the system, which is worse.

Lastly, you protect your building space. Another reason why business managers invest in HVAC systems is to prolong the life of the building, by providing accurate information on the heat or cold, as well as humidity, that might affect the pipes or equipment of the company.

It’s Often Simple And Inexpensive To Repair Air Compressors

Air compressors are an essential to the operations of most commercial operations and factories. They force air into a container, which then creates stored energy through pressure. An air compressor has many uses, ranging from the proper operation of HVAC systems, to supplying large amounts of energy for industrial work.

However, you do not want to rely on a compressor that shows signs that it requires repair or even worse, replacement. Many people who own such compressors immediately take them to the air compressor repair service, paying so much for something they did not know they can do on their own.

The common problems

It is such an unspoken aspect that air compressors, when showing signs of repair, can come from a wide array of problems you have to really look out for to know. With these, the compressors might not function as much as you want to, showing that it does not work immediately or it does not stop when you need it to halt. But the main idea about them when not working is that the situation becomes frustrating for the owner.

For instance, we have the problem of air leaks, which stem from the physical body of the air compressor having problems. You also have the problems with the motor and electrical parts of the compressor. You can clearly notice it in the process of pressurization, where the compressor might be lagging or its power might be fluctuating throughout, which leave the work all the more prolonged.

These are just some of the most common cases. But while it is smart to go out and have it fixed by a repair person, you might be overlooking the fact that you can actually fix the problem on your own, that fixing air compressors might not be that hard or professionally-inclined after all.

Repairing them

When repairing an air compressor, you first have to identify what fault the object is making. Is it not starting or nor stopping? Having leaks? What about the blow on electrical fuse that it creates overtime? These are just some of the many problems that come explicitly from the compressor. Then, you go to the general troubleshooting process.

Turn off your air compressor, plug it out and start cleaning it with soap and water. If there are things that need to be replaced, like an old motor or pumped electrical cords, then replace them out.

Hauling A Heavy Load? Look Into Affordable Flatbed Transportation

When delivering or moving a heavy load, flatbed trucks might just be the right choice instead of more traditional closed trucks. The reason for this has to do with versatility, since a flatbed is able to accommodate many different types and sizes of equipment. You’re not constrained by the height or width of the materials you’ll be moving; a flatbed is very forgiving and can handle much more equipment without any issues.

Another thing to consider: when you go for a typical delivery truck, you lose out on spacing and storage as it is counted by the state due to the height and width of the truck. Essentially, the reason why an alternative, like flatbed transportation, exists, is because of how it can be counterproductive to stick what you think you only have as an option in terms of moving heavy load. But what exactly is a flatbed truck?

What flatbed is

In the simplest, explanation, flatbed trucks are trucks whose bodywork differs from a normal truck, in such a way that it does not have any sides and a roof to it, but only a flat base or bed, which is where it gets its comparison from typical trucks mostly. 

It might look like your heavy load might fall off while on the road with a flatbed truck, but contrary to popular belief it does not really take place. The reason has obviously to do with how it is also so easy to count on, say, tying down the material, or providing a side for the flatbed truck, and other things that makes it comparatively equal but cost-effective and efficient from other typical delivery trucks.

Other advantages

Aside from the fact that you get more storage space and weight for your heavy load, it is also so easy to load and unload through flatbed transportation. Since there are no sides or roof in a flatbed truck, one can easily load and unload through any direction. It saves you so much time and energy than when you only have one load and unload way.

The second is that you have less time spent on travel, since the comparative would be that you might not be able to fit all your heavy load in one go, so you do multiple hauling trips, adding to your costs. It’s both beneficial to the customer and company.

Can You Make Money Recycling Your Old Tungsten?

Tungsten, or more specifically tungsten carbide, is a material used in many industries around the world. The reason for this has to do with the durability and resistance level of tungsten, which makes it the perfect component for making materials and utilities designed to withstand heat, cold, and so many more on the table. In fact, when a material is built purely out of tungsten, you can expect it to last for years on end. However, this is not the usual case because of how hard it is to mine tungsten.

Wait, many products have tungsten in them, like lightbulbs or stove that you can find in your home, yet manufacturers spend so much money to get them. Yes, you might be on the same page when we tell you that you can actually sell the tungsten you get from your material, after serving its time in your home, and sell it to a manufacturing warehourse or company. The best part is that they will buy it for a competitive price.

Tungsten scrap industry

The tungsten scrap industry, or one that relates to people getting bits of tungsten from their material to sell to the manufacturers, is a fast-growing industry today. However, manufacturers need to get the mosta accurate measure of the tungsten scrap within the material, it is the duty of sellers to remove the material that is not tungsten. In this scenario is where tungsten recycling comes into play.

It refers to a process whereby the owner removes the tungsten carbide from the material where they found it. So, if you have tungsten carbie from your home’s lightbulb, that means that you have to take out other materials, like glass and plastic, from the tungsten material.

Types of tungsten you can sell

Just because something is labeled as tungsten does not entirely mean that you can sell it. There are only a few types of tungsten that ,anufacturers would fight for to buy. The first if the hard scrap, which is a material that takes time for it to grind, and is subjected to manufacturing’s grinding. So, you sell this as it it.

The second type of the soft scrap, which is something you can find to be more flexible. You can sell this as it is, too. Then last is the tungsten alloy, which is quite near to the tungsten family and up for selling, as well.

Why Stick With Outdated HVAC Sensors? New Ones Boost Performance

Today, you can see a wide range of choices when it comes to HVAC sensors, which are key components in an HVAC system. They monitor and adjust the system to the room’s air quality needs, while making sure that you only get quality air in the home or building where the system is installed. As new technology is developed, it’s possible for residential and commercial buildings to upgrade their sensors – but many people don’t even give replacement a thought, since they’re systems seem to be working fine. That can be a mistake.

Smart home dashboard in order to control home appliances. Hand holding modern tablet with dashboard displaying charts.

Saves you a lot of energy

With power, you can say that you get to have wireless energy connection with your hvac sensors, which saves you a lot of energy. Studies show that one gets to reduce their commercial or residential operation by 5% to 10% if they use the wireless energy.

Surprisingly as well, one can opt to use the occupancy-based sensors which calculate and adapt to the change of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning according to how many people enter and stay in the room. It does not only sound cool, but more realistic than ever, as when someone goes through the door, the sensor works perfectly, just as well as someone leaves. This factor goes to the second point.

You save more money

When your hvac sensors can adapt to the occupants and the humidity or coldness level they create, then your sensor will know when to work with minimum energy, as well as when to give more energy, which helps regulate how much energy you use to keep the air in shape for your occupants and in the space. The sensors will signal to the system to reduce its power when the space is unattended. To an extent, you save so much more money in the long-term.

To compare

Outdated models, to compare, might not be your best choice if your aim is to be sustainable, as well as save more money for your company to attend to other things. You can say that outdated models, as long as they work, should not be subjected to change because they can still provide the things an advanced cluster of sensors has.

However, the difference does more than that. An outdated sensor might work manually, so you have to spend time to ensure that the space and the occupants get clean air in the room.