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What Is Tungsten Scrap Used For?

Tungsten is an important type of metal, where even its scraps from materials are recycled and sold back to manufacturers. The reason is because, while tungsten is a material that provides great durability and resistance to heat and cold, mining tungsten can be a tough job for many manufacturers. So, it is totally possible for one to sell the tungsten they find.

The types of tungsten

There are three types of tungsten that can be recycled and sold as scraps. The first one is the hard tungsten scrap, which refers to scraps that are sold the way they were found. They are called hard in such a way that no ordinary person can bend or deform them. Only manufacturing processes that involve grinding can do it, through bigger and more advanced machines.

The second type is the soft tungsten, which are also scraps but those which can be bent and deformed. One can manipulate it in some way, without having an effect to its price. And lastly, we have the tungsten alloy, which are those not necessarily tungsten but contain properties of it, which is blurred in the process but still give the results the manufacturers need when making materials out of tungsten.

The uses

When you find a tungsten scrap, your first reaction might not be to keep and sell it off for the competitive price manufacturers are willing to pay for it. Another thing is that they are not as easy to find, although some older materials have tungsten, which you will still have to go through many things before getting the scrap itself.

There are many uses to tungsten scrap, which still has to do with its attributes. The first one is with regards to selling it. You might not be so interested to workshop activities or building materials that a tungsten in scraps might not the so helpful for your eyes. At least with this method, you can sell them for money effortlessly.

But if you are into making products and materials, too, then you can go for making heat resistant things, like shielding for certain materials that you can use during scorching summers. You can also attach it to bridges in materials to make up better materials.

Lastly, you can keep them and even use them for decorations. It might not be the best choice, but as long as you make something from it, then better.