Month: July 2021

Why Stick With Outdated HVAC Sensors? New Ones Boost Performance

Today, you can see a wide range of choices when it comes to HVAC sensors, which are key components in an HVAC system. They monitor and adjust the system to the room’s air quality needs, while making sure that you only get quality air in the home or building where the system is installed. As new technology is developed, it’s possible for residential and commercial buildings to upgrade their sensors – but many people don’t even give replacement a thought, since they’re systems seem to be working fine. That can be a mistake.

Smart home dashboard in order to control home appliances. Hand holding modern tablet with dashboard displaying charts.

Saves you a lot of energy

With power, you can say that you get to have wireless energy connection with your hvac sensors, which saves you a lot of energy. Studies show that one gets to reduce their commercial or residential operation by 5% to 10% if they use the wireless energy.

Surprisingly as well, one can opt to use the occupancy-based sensors which calculate and adapt to the change of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning according to how many people enter and stay in the room. It does not only sound cool, but more realistic than ever, as when someone goes through the door, the sensor works perfectly, just as well as someone leaves. This factor goes to the second point.

You save more money

When your hvac sensors can adapt to the occupants and the humidity or coldness level they create, then your sensor will know when to work with minimum energy, as well as when to give more energy, which helps regulate how much energy you use to keep the air in shape for your occupants and in the space. The sensors will signal to the system to reduce its power when the space is unattended. To an extent, you save so much more money in the long-term.

To compare

Outdated models, to compare, might not be your best choice if your aim is to be sustainable, as well as save more money for your company to attend to other things. You can say that outdated models, as long as they work, should not be subjected to change because they can still provide the things an advanced cluster of sensors has.

However, the difference does more than that. An outdated sensor might work manually, so you have to spend time to ensure that the space and the occupants get clean air in the room.